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Bellow Seals RE 31 & RE 41 Series

Temperature Cryogenics to 260°C
Pressure Vacuum to 200 psi
Speed Up to 1500 rpm
Size 1/2" to 4"
Temperature Cryogenics to 120°C
Pressure Vacuum to 75 psi
Speed Up to 4000 rpm
Size 3/4" to 3"
This is the commonest seal range for various rotating equipments - because of its simple construction employing secondary seal in the from of a rubber bellow. These seals also offer advantage of single- coiled seals and are available with an array of face combinations to suit different applications.
The Most robust and widely acclaimed range of seals for handling acids. It withstands corrosive fluids and is highly resistant to oxidizing and reducing agents. Chemically inert materials like PTFE, GFT Ceramic, Hastelloy 'C' Which comes in contact with the acids during the operation form this Seal and perform with excellence under all corrosive conditions
The single spring is non -clogging and self cleaning. The bellow and spring jointly compensates for shaft run-out Also it's simple and compact design makes it easy to handle, install and gives practically zero or no maintenance...
The hydraulically balanced and flexible bellow accommodates shaft run-out. These seals are also compact in design for easy installation and negligible maintenance. The multi springs with bellow provide equal pressure over the seal face to ensure perfect sealing
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